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MORE INFORMATION IS COMING SOON, this is currently a mockup

I was born in Moscow in June, 1992.

I currently live in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with my boyfriend Ralf.

Lake Onega, 1997

That's me, far left, holding up my underwear triumphantly
My father is in the middle, and the dog, Hayam, was infinitely patient with all the children, and let us dress him up endlessly.

1992-1997: Moscow
1997-1999: Moscow & Mass
1999-2010: Moscow & NJ
2010-2014: Syracuse, NY
2014-2016: Amherst, MA
2016-2017: the Columbia job, Westchester, NY & Chicago
2017-2019: current life, Brooklyn, NYC

“People dont have ideas, ideas have people”

— Jonesy (@jonesy4eva) February 25, 2019