Upcoming Shows:

where: at Young Ethel's Bar
506 5th Ave, Park Slope (BK)

5pm Sunday, Oct 2nd: Dean David & Jennie Romero

8pm Sunday, Oct 9th: Becky Goodman & Isaiah Mueller

11pm Thursday, Oct 20th: Matt Bowman & Brennan Tasseff

6pm Wednesday, Oct 26th: Drew Dowdey & Matt Hardy

8pm Sunday, Nov 13th: Geneva Rust-Orta & Dan Vezza

8pm Sunday, Dec 11th: Witt Wells & Christian Mangual

8pm Sunday, Jan 8th: Adam Christopher & Anya Jones

8pm Sunday, Feb 12th: TBA


Live & Unqualified is a monthly show and podcast that can be found at Young Ethel's Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Come watch a live comedy-show-meets-psychoanalysis. My guests are always NYC comedians, and they share an event from their lives that shaped them.... while I make inappropriate jokes. The comedy is dark, the stories are genuine, and the show is free!
If you can't join us, you can listen to the podcast via Anchor FM, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts.


You can reserve a spot on Eventbrite to let us know you're coming,
but between you and me, you can just show up! Ticket's are free, and we'll be here in the back room of Young Ethel's


OCT2022: #9. Isaiah Mueller (release date: Sun Jan 22nd)

OCT2022: #8. Becky Goodman (release date:Sun Jan 15th)

OCT2022: #7. Dean David

OCT2022: #6. Jennie Romero

OCT2022: #5. Eddie Liles

OCT2022: #4. Liz Savage

SEPT2022: #3. Jared Apper

SEPT2022: #2. Jon Moskowitz

AUG2022: #1. Rich Templeton and Matt Silver


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